Fire safety

Our fire and assistance service is at your disposal.

Our employees are trained to control the equipment, to alert on the capacity of reception and to act if needed. SSIAP* holders, they carry out their missions within the ERP* and IGH* in accordance with the legislative and regulatory texts in force.

This service is also responsible for providing first aid in case of accident or discomfort concerning employees or the public of the establishment, as well as calling and receiving the emergency services if necessary.

We have a wide selection of fire extinguishers that comply with NF* and CE* standards according to your needs and a defibrillator. Moreover, our extinguishers are made in France, which is an additional guarantee of their reliability and solidity.

Our appliances are available for rent for occasional needs. We obviously take care of the installation of the extinguishers, as well as their periodic maintenance.

*SSIAP : Security Services for Emergencies and Personal Assistance *ERP : Public establishment *IGH : IGH High-rise building *NF : NF French standard *CE : CE European conformity