Drone monitoring

For state-of-the-art drone monitoring.

The drones are efficient, easy to handle, discreet and programmable, which makes them ideal for monitoring and reconnaissance missions in difficult to access or dangerous areas. The device is fully automated and enhanced with a thermal camera, in order to detect any intrusion in a given area.

The drone enables precisely localizing and tracking individuals, without putting the agent in danger, immediately detects a fire outbreak and avoids the company to install several video surveillance cameras on the same site. Thanks to its HD 360° stabilized camera, its optical zoom, its thermal camera and the precision of its onboard sensors, the drone enables professionals to take action quickly and efficiently.

Drone monitoring is not intended to replace human intervention. Instead, the drone improves the performance of the teams in charge of the security of property and people on the ground. Its presence facilitates the teams’ decision-making by providing them additional real time information. It enhances the means already in place.