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About the SPS company

SPS Safety – Prevention – Serenity is a premium private security company.

It is constantly adapting to its time and its environment, thanks to the latest technologies in order to offer the best possible service to its customers.

All our employees regularly follow training courses in a specific center on techniques and security in intervention, rescue and legal framework. We use the up-to-date computer software to ensure the safety of our employees and to monitor their activity in real time.

About SPS' founding president

Fabrice Augeraud, SPS’ founding president, attaches great importance to the safety, prevention and serenity of his clients. During his 25-year career, he has held various positions of responsibility within an internal security service. He then decided to put his skills and expertise at the service of individuals, communities and companies in order to protect them.

Registration Number : AUT-013-2121-11-23-20220842498

The team of this company provides high quality services with professionalism, rigor and discretion.